Plumber Cape Town

A huge range of top quality plumbing and heating products from leading manufacturers and suppliers.
Our plumber in Cape Town provides a fast, reliable service for those little jobs you keep putting off:

  • Fitting new taps
  • Fixing leaking taps, toilets and pipes
  • Replacing ball valves and ball valve floats

Finding the Perfect Plumber in Cape Town – Kwikflo Plumbing Works

The right plumber in Cape Town can help you with small plumbing jobs such as replacing Thermostatic Radiator Valves, installing showers, dishwashers, washing machines and outside taps, moving and hanging radiators and removing airlocks. Because we understand that pipe problems are a pain, and that finding a dependable plumber is often just one more unpleasant aspect of an already messy debacle, we here at Kwikflo Plumbing Works make it our business to be exactly the solution you need. Plumber Cape Town particularly excels in an area where other plumbing services notoriously pay no heed: the details. Of course, the most important detail of any plumbing job is reestablishing proper flow; and when it comes to that, the Kwikflo Plumbing Works team is the best in the industry. All of our highly skilled plumbing and heating engineers have received advanced training, are Corgi registered, and are guaranteed to be experienced, able, and efficient. So you can have confidence that the workman who shows up at your door will do a quality job, and do it quickly.

Our Company Standards – Kwikflo Plumbing Works

But we are never satisfied with merely fixing what is broken. What sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to how we solve your piping problems, and it is our highest company policy is to always exceed expectations. This means that our professionals take care to minimize their impact on both your home and your schedule: from showing up presentably dressed to cleaning up when the job is finished. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services – specializing in boiler maintenance and installation, plumbing systems of all shapes and sizes, environmental impact reduction, certified, and landlord conformance inspections. So have a look through our website for more details on the many services our plumber in Cape Town can offer, and don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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